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How to use and maintain the crank on the medical bed?

June 29, 2020

We often see crank on a hospital bed. What is this use for?


1. Use of crank in hospital bed:


The crank is widely used in medical beds, and all medical beds are inseparable from the crank


The crank adopts dual pressure bearings, and the landing limit installation has the advantages of convenient installation, sturdiness and

durability. It can also be customized according to the user's required scale.


2. The maintenance method of the crank in the medical bed:


1. Prevent bumps and damage to bed accessories during use.


2. If you need to repair or replace the medical bed accessories, please contact the manufacturer.


3. In order to ensure safety, the crank of the medical bed should be rocked to the lowest position when it is not in use, and folded to prevent tripping during walking.


4. The crank of the medical bed should be washed with neutral detergent, wiped with a dry cloth and placed in a ventilated place. Never wash with alkaline or decaying liquid.