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Why should the hospital headboard to be strong?

October 21, 2020

This problem is probably caused by many people who are selling medical equipment for the first time or manufacturing hospital beds. After all, the head and foot board of a hospital bed is not the load-bearing part of a manual bed. The head and foot board are often used to make a hospital bed. Complete.
This sentence may sound incomprehensible, just imagine whether it feels weird if a hospital bed has no head and footboard. Yes, my impression is that the head and foot boards play this role. Of course, in ctual use, the headboard and footboard actually have another important function, which is to be used in the rescue of patients with CPR.
It is estimated that some people do not understand how to use this to rescue? For this reason, i am also consulted the technical staff of our factory. According to the description of the technical staff, the reason why the head and foot board needs to be strong enough and can be quickly disassembled is because the patient needs to have a problem in the hospital bed. Rescue it, and the headboard and footboard sometimes cause a certain obstacle to the rescue work, so at this time, the ability to quickly disassemble the headboard and footboard is a valuable time for rescue.
The reason why the head and foot board is strong is that under some special circumstances, the head and foot board need to be cushioned on the patient's back as a load-bearing support point, which is convenient for medical staff to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
If the head and foot board of the hospital bed is not strong enough, it is easy to have problems in the rescue process, which may cause irreversible accidents. For example, the head and foot board of the medical bed of Jiaxing Kengyue Medical Equipment Co ., Ltd. is not only strong, but also fast enough to disassemble.