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Emergency Rescue Stretcher with 200kg Load Capacity and 0-30° Leg Plate Adjustment

Emergency Rescue Stretcher with 200kg Load Capacity and 0-30° Leg Plate Adjustment

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KENYUE Medical

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Product Description

Product Description:

The Emergency Stretcher Trolley is an indispensable piece of medical equipment designed to provide rapid, secure, and efficient transportation for patients in emergency situations. This emergency rescue stretcher is engineered with the highest standards of safety and convenience in mind, ensuring that patients are moved with the utmost care. Built to accommodate the demanding pace of emergency medical services, this patient transfer trolley is an essential asset for hospitals, clinics, and any medical facility that requires the swift movement of patients.

The Emergency Stretcher Trolley stands out with its robust construction and thoughtful design, measuring 200cm in length, 60cm in width, and 90cm in height. The size of this trolley has been carefully considered to ensure that it can navigate through the tight corridors and doorways typically found in medical environments, while still providing ample space for the comfort and safety of the patient. This trolley is not only a tool for patient transfer but also a means of ensuring patient dignity and comfort during what can often be a stressful experience.

Equipped with four durable wheels, the Emergency Stretcher Trolley offers smooth maneuverability and stability. The wheels are designed to handle the diverse terrains of hospital environments, from smooth hospital floors to elevator transitions and even parking lot surfaces. The trolley's wheels are a critical component, providing caregivers with the ability to swiftly and smoothly transport patients to the care they need without jostling or discomfort.

Safety is a paramount concern when it comes to the transport of patients, and the Emergency Stretcher Trolley addresses this by featuring a reliable safety belt system. This addition ensures that patients are securely fastened onto the trolley during transit, minimizing the risk of falls or shifts that could lead to further injury. The safety belt is adjustable, allowing for accommodation of patients of various sizes and ensuring that they are held firmly in place.

Recognizing the need for versatility in emergency medical care, the Emergency Stretcher Trolley comes equipped with an I.V. pole. This feature is critical for patients who require continuous intravenous infusions during transport. The I.V. pole is designed to be sturdy and easily accessible, ensuring that life-saving medications and fluids can be administered without interruption. The inclusion of an I.V. pole transforms this trolley into a mobile treatment platform, capable of delivering more than just patient transfer—it becomes a crucial part of the patient's care pathway.

The Emergency Stretcher Trolley is not just a piece of equipment; it is a partner in emergency rescue efforts. Its design and features reflect a deep understanding of the critical nature of emergency rescue stretcher services. The trolley's robust construction, coupled with the attention to detail in its accessories, ensures that it can meet the challenges of any emergency situation, providing reliable service when seconds count.

In summary, the Emergency Stretcher Trolley is a state-of-the-art patient transfer trolley that embodies functionality, safety, and efficiency. Its size and wheel design enable easy navigation through medical facilities, while the safety belt and I.V. pole ensure that patient care continues uninterrupted during transport. For medical professionals and emergency responders, this emergency rescue stretcher is more than just equipment—it's a lifeline that supports the critical work they do every day.


  • Product Name: Emergency Stretcher Trolley
  • Locking System: Yes
  • Wheel Diameter: 10cm
  • Backrest Adjustment: 0-75°
  • Push Handle: Yes
  • Color: Silver
  • Also known as: emergency rescue stretcher

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Load Capacity 200kg
Locking System Yes
Size 200*60*90cm
Wheel Diameter 10cm
Backrest Adjustment 0-75°
Height Adjustment 50-90cm
Safety Belt Yes
I.V. Pole Yes
Material Stainless Steel
Push Handle Yes


The Emergency Stretcher Trolley , a pivotal medical apparatus from KENYUE Medical , a reputed brand with its origin in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, is designed for a range of critical applications. This Emergency Stretcher Trolley, with its robust stainless steel structure, is tailored to support a load capacity of up to 200kg, ensuring it can accommodate patients of various sizes securely and comfortably.

The Emergency Stretcher Trolley comes equipped with a reliable locking system, which is essential for patient safety during transport. The locking mechanism ensures that the stretcher remains stationary when required, particularly in transit within medical facilities or when being loaded into an ambulance. The ample wheel diameter of 10cm allows for smooth maneuverability across different surfaces, ensuring the trolley can be swiftly and efficiently moved in exigent situations.

This emergency rescue stretcher is versatile and can be used in numerous scenarios. It is an indispensable tool in emergency rooms, where the rapid and safe transportation of patients to different departments, such as radiology or surgery, is critical. In addition, the Emergency Stretcher Trolley is an asset in sports arenas or public spaces where immediate medical attention is necessary, providing a rapid response mechanism for medical personnel to stabilize and transport individuals to the nearest healthcare facility.

Furthermore, the Emergency Stretcher Trolley by KENYUE Medical finds its importance in disaster response scenarios. During earthquakes, floods, or other calamities, the need for a sturdy and reliable emergency rescue stretcher is paramount. Rescue teams can effectively use this trolley to navigate through challenging terrains while ensuring the safety and comfort of the injured.

The KENYUE Medical Emergency Stretcher Trolley is also an integral part of ambulance equipment, allowing for the secure transfer of patients from the point of emergency to the hospital. It is designed to fit perfectly within ambulances and comes with features that make securing and releasing the stretcher hassle-free, which is crucial in life-saving moments where every second counts.

In conclusion, the KENYUE Medical Emergency Stretcher Trolley is an essential tool for various medical emergencies and rescue operations. Its durable construction, safety features, and ease of use make it suitable for a multitude of environments, from hospitals and sports facilities to challenging disaster-struck areas.


Brand Name: KENYUE Medical

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, Jiaxing

Wheels: 4

Safety Belt: Yes

Weight: 50kg

Load Capacity: 200kg

Color: Silver

Our patient transfer trolley from KENYUE Medical is designed for maximum efficiency in emergency situations. Built with a robust structure and equipped with 4 durable wheels, it ensures swift and secure patient transfer. The emergency rescue stretcher also features a reliable safety belt, providing extra security during movement. With a weight of 50kg and a substantial load capacity of 200kg, it is ideal for a variety of patients. The sleek silver color not only adds a professional touch but also ensures the trolley is easy to identify in an emergency. Trust KENYUE Medical for your emergency stretcher trolley needs.

Support and Services:

The Emergency Stretcher Trolley is designed to provide rapid and secure transport for patients in emergency medical situations. Our product offers a range of technical support and services to ensure it functions optimally at all times.

Technical Support:

  • Comprehensive User Manual: A detailed guide is provided with every Emergency Stretcher Trolley to assist with setup, operation, and maintenance procedures.
  • Troubleshooting Assistance: Our team is available to help diagnose and resolve any issues that may arise during the use of the trolley.
  • Replacement Parts Service: We provide a full inventory of replacement parts, ensuring any worn or damaged components can be replaced promptly to minimize downtime.
  • Regular Maintenance Tips: To extend the life of your Emergency Stretcher Trolley, we offer advice on regular maintenance practices.


  • On-site Training: Upon request, we can provide on-site training for your staff to ensure they are fully adept at using the Emergency Stretcher Trolley safely and effectively.
  • Annual Inspection: Our service technicians can perform an annual inspection to ensure your trolley is in compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Customization Services: Should you have specific requirements, we offer customization services to tailor the Emergency Stretcher Trolley to suit your unique needs.
  • Warranty Service: The Emergency Stretcher Trolley comes with a limited warranty, covering any manufacturing defects or malfunctions under normal use conditions.

Please refer to the user manual for detailed instructions and contact us for any support or service inquiries. Our commitment is to provide you with reliable support to ensure the Emergency Stretcher Trolley serves your needs effectively and efficiently.

Packing and Shipping:

The Emergency Stretcher Trolley will be securely packaged in a high-strength, double-walled cardboard box, ensuring maximum protection during transport. The interior of the box will be padded with shock-absorbent materials to prevent any damage from impacts or vibrations. The packaging will also be sealed and moisture-resistant to safeguard against environmental elements.

For shipping, the stretcher will be dispatched via a reliable courier service with a trackable shipping method to ensure a safe and timely delivery. The package will include handling instructions and labels indicating "Fragile" and "Handle With Care" to alert carriers of the delicate nature of the contents. Upon dispatch, the customer will receive a tracking number to monitor the shipment's progress until delivery.


Q1: What is the weight capacity of the KENYUE Medical Emergency Stretcher Trolley?

A1: The KENYUE Medical Emergency Stretcher Trolley is designed to support a maximum weight capacity. Please refer to the specific product model details for the exact weight limit as it can vary between models.

Q2: Can the height of the Emergency Stretcher Trolley be adjusted?

A2: Yes, the KENYUE Medical Emergency Stretcher Trolley comes with an adjustable height feature, allowing healthcare providers to set the height according to their needs and patient comfort.

Q3: Is the KENYUE Medical Emergency Stretcher Trolley easy to maneuver within a hospital setting?

A3: Absolutely, the KENYUE Medical Emergency Stretcher Trolley is designed with high-quality casters for smooth movement and easy steering in hospital corridors and elevators.

Q4: What materials are used in the construction of the Emergency Stretcher Trolley?

A4: The KENYUE Medical Emergency Stretcher Trolley is constructed with durable materials, typically including stainless steel and medical-grade plastics, to ensure easy cleaning and long-lasting performance.

Q5: How does the side railing mechanism work on the KENYUE Medical Emergency Stretcher Trolley?

A5: The side railings on the Emergency Stretcher Trolley are designed to be collapsible, allowing for easy patient transfer and ensuring patient safety during transport. They can be easily raised or lowered as per the requirement.

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