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New product with angle display form PP guardrail


Latest company news about New product with angle display form PP guardrail

Our company has recently launched a new guardrail, in order to meet the customer's choice needs, we designed the guardrail into two colors, one is white and blue, the color system can bring a clear and refined sense of sight. The other is that the wood grain color and white can give people a simple and elegant feeling. The new guardrail belt is a new guardrail with an angle display. The process of this product is single-piece blow molding and reprocessing. It not only has a smooth surface but also is particularly firm and suitable for use in various nursing beds and elderly beds.

The material it uses is PP material. There are PP plastic long films and short films. The size is: 1020*350MM; the short plastic size: 850*350MM; not only that, it also uses an aluminum-magnesium alloy bracket and a plastic cover, Beautiful, atmospheric, and stronger than conventional guardrail brackets. The key installation dimension is the one-time forming of the mold, which ensures the accuracy and safety of the installation dimension and achieves zero error, and there will be no situation that the traditional iron welding bracket cannot be locked frequently.

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