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New three function electric bed


Latest company news about New three function electric bed

Our company recently designed a new hospital bed, which is a three function electric bed. Its appearance is mainly composed of blue and white. Its color is very clean and beautiful. The whole bed is mainly composed of headboard, tailboard, guardrail, bed panel, casters and other accessories. It also has a dining table version, which makes it convenient for patients to use the headboard on the hospital bed. The headboard is also made of high-quality materials that will not feel uncomfortable if they lean on it for a long time It greatly improves the safety of the hospital bed. The casters can realize the moving function of the hospital bed. The electric bed is more intelligent than the manual bed. It does not need to adjust the angle height of the hospital bed by hand. You can directly press the controller to achieve the angle you want that is suitable for your comfort. Therefore, our new three function electric bed is very cost-effective and practical

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