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Latest company news about Turkey Expomed Eurasia

The Turkey Exhibition will be held in Turkey on March 17, 2022. Our company is also very fortunate to participate in this exhibition and have a showroom of its own brand in the exhibition. Now let's talk about how participating in this exhibition can help us. First of all, through this exhibition, we can play a certain role in promoting our own business. Our company name is Jiaxing Kenyue Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., which is a fast-growing medical device. and hospital product companies. Now we have our own factory and production line. It integrates the research and development and sales of medical beds, remote control diagnosis and treatment vehicles, intelligent operating tables, elderly care products, intelligent disinfection robots and other parts, and provides a better product foundation with high-quality standard manufacturing, new technology operation, and high efficiency. Manage and meet international standards for items. Secondly, through the exhibition, we can make the enterprise have a better understanding of the relevant fields of its operation, and understand the subtle aspects. Then we can have a better plan for the development direction of the enterprise through the exhibition, and can also compare Other companies in the exhibition find their own shortcomings and improve them. Finally, we can recognize more customers in related industries or upstream and downstream industries to broaden contacts and increase revenue.

As the saying goes, no effort, no gain, we will also absorb the knowledge learned in the exhibition to continuously improve our brand and service. Our aim is: integrity, pragmatism, innovation and dedication. We will provide better service for new and old customers and contribute more to the society!

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