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Four Stage Oil Free High Pressure Oxygen Compressor 15-60m3 Air Cooled

Four Stage Oil Free High Pressure Oxygen Compressor 15-60m3 Air Cooled

Air Cooled Oil Free Oxygen Compressor

Four Stage Oil Free Oxygen Compressor

Four Stage High Pressure Oxygen Compressor

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Oxygen Compressor
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Air Cooling
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3 Stages
Wooden Case
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Four Stage Oil Free High Pressure Oxygen Compressor 15-60m3 Air Cooled



15-60 square air-cooled oil-free oxygen-filled compressor

Oxygen compressor refers to a compressor used to pressurize oxygen and realize transportation or storage.

There are two types of commonly used medical oxygen compressors. One is that the PSA oxygen generator in the hospital needs to be pressurized to supply various wards and operating rooms. It provides a pipeline pressure of 7-10 kg. The oxygen from a PSA needs to be stored in a high-pressure container for convenient use. The storage pressure is usually 100 barg, 150 barg, 200 barg or 300 barg pressure.

Industrial applications of oxygen compressors include the pressurization of low-pressure oxygen for VSA applications in steel mills, paper mills and water treatment plants

The oil-free oxygen bottle filling compression is divided into two cooling methods, air-cooled and water-cooled, vertical structure, Bailian series of high-pressure oil-free lubricated oxygen compressors, excellent performance, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, long service life, widely used Oxygen, chemical technology and high-altitude oxygen supply, combined with oxygen generator, form a simple and safe high-pressure oxygen system.

In Bailian's oil-free oxygen compressor, friction seals such as piston rings and guide rings are made of special materials with self-lubricating properties.

Structural advantages are reflected in:

1. The entire compression system has no thin oil lubrication, which avoids the possibility of oil contacting high-pressure and high-purity oxygen and ensures the safety of the machine;

2. The whole system has no lubrication and oil distribution system, the machine structure is simple, the control is convenient, and the operation is convenient;

3. The whole system is oil-free, so the compressed medium oxygen is not polluted, and the purity of the oxygen at the inlet and outlet of the compressor is the same.

The gas cylinder filling oxygen compressor is suitable for inlet pressure 3-4barg (40-60psig) and exhaust pressure 150barg (2150psig)

15NM3-60NM3/hour small PSA oxygen production system provides clean oxygen filling services for the oxygen supply of communities and small island hospitals, and industrial oxygen cutting. It can run continuously for 24 hours, and it can reach more than 20 bottles each time.

Features of this compressor

Four-stage compression is adopted, and the water-cooled model uses a stainless steel water cooler to ensure a good cooling effect of the compressor and effectively extend the service life of key wearing parts. The intake port is equipped with a low intake pressure, and the exhaust end is equipped with an exhaust device. Each level of high pressure protection, high exhaust temperature protection, safety valve and temperature display. If the temperature is too high and overpressure, the system will alarm and stop to ensure safe operation. There is a forklift at the bottom of the compressor, which can be easily transferred to the site.

Our standard high-pressure oxygen compressor has passed the EU CE certification and meets the requirements of the EU market.

We can also provide customized oxygen compressors according to customer conditions.

Our oxygen compressor has the following characteristics



Inlet pressure.barg
Exhaust pressure.barg
Working medium
Voltage frequency
Nominal volume flow NM3/hour 4-10



Four Stage Oil Free High Pressure Oxygen Compressor 15-60m3 Air Cooled 0Four Stage Oil Free High Pressure Oxygen Compressor 15-60m3 Air Cooled 1


Company Profile

Jiaxing Greatmicro Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Jiaxing City, the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, with a developed economy and convenient transportation. Our factory combines the manufacturing, sales, service and support of the most innovative hospital furniture solutions, managed by a professional team with extensive management experience and business acumen in various
fields, and is a leading provider of highly specialized medical equipment and equipment Products, such as electric and manual hospital beds, orthopedic traction beds, examination beds, infusion chairs, accompany chairs, hospital trolleys, stretchers and stretcher trolleys, have passed ISO9001: CE certification. In addition to all these certificates, we are also committed to providing customers with a one-stop sales model, and we pay more attention to customer satisfaction, which is the basis for making our products popular on a global scale. So far, more than 60 countries and regions have enjoyed our products and services. Our success is mainly achieved by following the firm commitment to the corporate philosophy of "integrity-based, customer first". Our vision is to provide world-class products and services to improve the global medical system to the highest level.

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Our Advantages

We have a professional team:
1. A professional team of engineers to ensure high quality products and provide professional product customization services.
2. The professional material procurement team reduces the cost of products and provides our products with competitiveness.
3. Professional business team to ensure smooth communication to bring you a good experience.
4. Professional document clerk and merchandiser team to ensure the smooth delivery of products.

Our products have been exporting to Europe,North America,South America,Middle East of Asia, India, indonesia, Egypt, Algeria,
Sudan, Africa,Saudi Araba, etc. Also we could offer OEM/ODM manufacturing as customers prefer.

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Four Stage Oil Free High Pressure Oxygen Compressor 15-60m3 Air Cooled 5
Four Stage Oil Free High Pressure Oxygen Compressor 15-60m3 Air Cooled 6
Four Stage Oil Free High Pressure Oxygen Compressor 15-60m3 Air Cooled 7

Q: Where is your factory?
A: Jiaxing City, Zhejiang
province, China. 2hours from Shanghai.

Q: What are the main products?
A: main products are nursing beds,stretchers,connecting
stretchers, baby cart, trolley,cabinet and other accessory parts.
Q: What’s your advantage?
1.We have a professional managing
team; most of them are working in this field more than 5 years. We have established a long-term cooperation relationship with some
of our customers recently. 2. ISO9001, Quality Management System; 3.Strict Material Inspection&Quality Controlling; 4. CE,ISO
Certificate; 5. We started from 2011, more than 10 years producing and engineering experience; 6.Exported to more than

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